Exploring Living Places, Telling Natural Stories

David Russell
David Russell is a photographer and writer from Scotland, living in the Highlands in the Cairngorms National Park, best known as a forest photographer with a passion for Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest. David’s work explores the power of living places to unlock profound human experience and our deep personal connections to nature.

I sat alone by the river

Listening to nothing

And someone told me

I was hearing the story

Of everything that ever happened

Music of the Forest

An Excerpt

Life in the forest is music. Alone, every moment is meaningless, like calling a single note a song. But with the flow of time, the rhythm, the melody – it catches you in a miraculous balance of anticipation and living memory. And so in the forest you see things clearly.
The ending is just as beautiful as the beginning, and the pauses between beats matter just as much as the notes. Some music gets inside you and fills you up. Some music lifts you outside yourself. And the forest can do both, as well.