Adventure Skills Courses

Adventure Skills Courses

Skills for the Outdoors; Skills for Life

I offer a variety of short courses in essential outdoor skills.

I focus on teaching a solid foundation of fundamentals. Campcraft, Navigation, Hillcraft and Expedition skills. These skill sets not only set you up to feel confident exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, but also encourage a deep sense of self reliance and problem solving you can use in many other aspects of life.

Introduction to Navigation

The most important skill for independent exploration of the hills. Suitable for both novices and regular hikers.

Wild Camping for Beginners

Learn everything you need to know to make wild camping a safe, comfortable and rewarding experience. Suitable for complete beginners.


We are based in the Aviemore area in the Cairngorms National Park. This area gives us a huge variety of landscapes and habitat to utilise in our learning from the high plateau of the Cairngorm mountains to the depths of the Caledonian Forest.

Top Adventurer Feedback

“There can be no better guide than David Russell. Hope he is well. Great future ahead for him.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Richard Gaston – Tailor Made Adventure, guiding for Wilderness Scotland

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