Diving into the Fantastic Beauty of Scotland’s Purple Heather.

Heather season is well and truly here at last in the Highlands, with the tiny pink flowers drenching the landscape in colour. I got out a couple of times in the last few days to do some exploring around the forests near Loch an Eilean.

Around six weeks ago I hurt my back and had to be very cautious and gentle with exercise, so this is the first time I’ve really been out since June. It feels great to return to the landscape, and break out of the creative rut that inactivity caused.

Keeping my fingers crossed for another few weeks of this before thoughts turn to autumn.

Gorgeous layering in the landscape. I shoot some version of this view almost every year in heather season. Interesting how different parts of the woods each have their own time of excellence.

A wider view of the same scene. Gorgeous crepuscular rays and colour. The first shot I’ve taken in a few months that I’ve really liked.

More fabulous colour high up on the hill at the edge of the forest, where it creates a savannah-like landscape. One of the very few places in Scotland where a natural tree-line still exists.

A ‘test shot’ of an interesting pine high up at the edge of the forest. Could do with some better light and more interesting weather. Would love to shoot this area in winter, though it probably doesn’t see the sun for three months. Might need snowshoes.

My favourite place in the whole wide world. I never tire of being there or shooting variations of this scene. In this shot I love the dark shadows over the mountains and the flecks of gold bracken among the pink heather.

A classic, simple composition. I love the simplicity of this image – essentially three horizontal stripes of colour. Brightly lit foregrounds beneath dark skies always look great.

The best companion a man could ask for on the hill.

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