Deep Loch Avon

In deep Loch Avon someone once looked

And saw a star shine in the water

How wonderful, if that were literal

How badly I wish that were real

Those clear blue waters deserve such light

– a sacred brilliance

within the deep

would turn away the black of night.

Never again would shadow fall

Across the deep and the mountain wall.

I could hardly imagine such a sight

Though now I’ve seen Loch Avon myself…

Stood at the abyss of that same rocky shelf…

Now, I think there might

(there might)

Be a star somewhere down there after all

Deep Loch Avon

No other loch is like it

So ‘look-down-into-able’

Or beckoning, clear and blue

A silver glimmer as wind dashes upon it

A ripple of light from shore to shore

Partly I’m compelled to pitch in head-first

And partly I’m appalled

The power of stillness

How fragile I am within its gentle hold

Every time I cross the hill

And Loch Avon is almost gone from sight

I turn around for one last look and press it on my soul.

But if misfortune means I never again visit deep Loch Avon

Everything will turn out alright

Part of me will be there still.