Private Photography Workshops

Private Photography Workshops

Learn One-to-One in Scotland’s most beautiful classroom.

I provide photography tuition on a private basis for individuals and small groups. A photography workshop gives you the chance to develop a clear vision of what you want to create, and how to do so. Tuition is always tailored to the needs of the individual, and takes place in stunning locations that always have plenty of inspiration to offer.

Gorgeous Locations

In the Highlands of Scotland we are spoiled for choice when it comes to dramatic scenery. Together we’ll explore inspiring locations that make the heart sing.

Personal Attention

Before your workshop we will have a detailed discussion about your photography experience to date and your key learning outcomes.

It Only Begins Here

I’m a big believer in long term learning and maintaining contact with my students. I’m happy to offer continued feedback and advice as you continue to gain experience after our workshop.

What a joy to spend time in the forest with David, learning some new technical and creative skills. We talked about how to leverage layers and contrast to build interesting compositions in an environment that can so often seem noisy and dazzling with detail. Despite having to really work the “soft” light I learned new things and enjoyed the quiet of the outdoors with a knowledgeable photographer and guide.

Simon – Half Day Workshop, Loch an Eilean

Private Workshops:

Half Day Workshop£1504 Hours
Full Day Workshop£2508 Hours
Wildcamp Photography Adventure£400Overnight
Prices are a flat rate, for group sizes up to 6 people.


Workshops will take place in the Aviemore area of the Cairngorms National Park. This area offers us a huge degree of variety and potential for our time together. We are spoiled for choice with numerous lochs, woods and hills in the immediate area. For wild camping photography trips we have the option of camping on hilltops for spectacular morning sunrises.

Group Sizes

I prefer to work with small groups of around 6 maximum. This allows me to ensure that everyone gets the full benefit of my attention during the workshop. If you have a larger group please contact me to discuss.

Learning Content

Prior to your workshop we will have a discussion about your desired learning outcomes for the day, for example any specific technical questions you would like answered, or techniques you would like to learn. During the day itself we will usually explore one location extensively on foot, or visit two or three different areas.

On a typical workshop our discussion and learning points usually include:

  • Technical Fundamentals
  • Composition
  • Understanding Light, Colour and Contrast
  • Visual Storytelling

I will consistently seek your feedback and input throughout the day to ensure that you are getting the learning you want.

After Your Workshop

I am a big believer in long term learning, and love to continue helping students develop after the workshop itself has ended. We can begin with an online meeting (Zoom, Facetime etc) to review and critique the images you have captured during our workshop. From there I am happy to offer online tuition in post-processing and editing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop to really help get the best result from the raw data. First session post-workshop is free.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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