My top 12 photography moments from 2022

2022 has been pretty good to me. I’ve had a lot of fun, a lot of personal and professional growth, and naturally a lot of great encounters with Scotland’s wild beauty. I’m not sure how I managed to fit in as much photography as I did, as most of my time over the last 6Continue reading “My top 12 photography moments from 2022”

The Great Inversion, Part Four: The White Goddess

Day Four: Tuesday 21st December Every great day of photography begins with a plan, a rough prediction of what weather and light might look like, which gives rise to an idea for a photo. Frequently this idea goes out the window as soon as you get outside and compare your prediction to reality, but forContinue reading “The Great Inversion, Part Four: The White Goddess”

The Great Inversion, Part Three: The Edge of Beauty

Day Three: Monday 20th December Scout and I returned to Whitewell in the early morning, not long after sunrise. Once again we ran from the van to the birch trees at the crest of the hill. The thick mist in Aviemore had fooled me; I had assumed it would be much the same here –Continue reading “The Great Inversion, Part Three: The Edge of Beauty”

The Great Inversion, Part Two: Shadow of the Mountain

Day Two: Sunday 19th December The second day of the Great Inversion was Saturday 18th, but since I had to drive south to get my booster shot I wasn’t able to spend much time outdoors. Besides this, I also wanted to write Friday’s account of the mountain. I felt absolutely filled up by that experience,Continue reading “The Great Inversion, Part Two: Shadow of the Mountain”

The Great Inversion, Part One: The Scallywag and the Pilgrim

Day One: Friday 17th December I only happened to glance at my phone, on Thursday night, when I saw the synoptic chart that had just been published by the Mountain Weather Information Service. There were those magic words: fog in valleys. A temperature inversion was predicted. As soon as I knew that, not going toContinue reading “The Great Inversion, Part One: The Scallywag and the Pilgrim”

Rime Ice (A Mountain Poem)

Heading home I saw the hillsFrom the North the Cairngorms display their true size. From other angles pretending at being small. Vast, precipitous, and they beckon. Lairigs draw breath The great spaces of The Interior, my heart with it.Golden birch trees flashed by.A streak of white across the high places.Shining silver layered on slopes ofContinue reading “Rime Ice (A Mountain Poem)”

Woods, Rain and Water – A Perfect Waterfall Photography Workshop

A Plan Suitable for the Weather This last Saturday was my final scheduled photography workshop of the autumn. The original plan for the day was to head to Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve. There we would walk up to the beautiful loch overlooked by the impressive cliffs of Coire Ardair. However, a few days beforeContinue reading “Woods, Rain and Water – A Perfect Waterfall Photography Workshop”

Land the Person

It occurred to me the other day, while I was walking up a hill through long grass beneath shady birch trees, that the most important and enduring relationship we have in our lives is the one we have with the land we live on. It then occurred to me that this should always have beenContinue reading “Land the Person”

Wood and Water: A Passion Project from the Caledonian Forest

Over the course of a year I collected footage from the Caledonian Forest of the Cairngorms National Park to compile into a short film. I wanted to show the unbelievable diverse beauty of Scotland’s ancient woodlands, in every season and type of weather.