Explore, Learn, Create

I have been leading photography workshops and tours since 2012, throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. With a background that spans adventure sports instruction, outdoor learning, wilderness guiding and, of course, 15+ years of landscape photography experience, I have an excellent set of skills to help you on your creative journey. Whether you are picking up a camera for the first time, exploring new composition techniques or refining your processing skills, I am more than happy to guide and instruct you in all aspects of landscape photography’s creative process.

Private Tuition

I work with you on a one to one basis or in small, private groups of 2 or 3 people. This means I can give you my undivided attention, and give you the learning you most want and need. Before the workshop we’ll talk together in detail about what you most want to learn and experience during our time together in the landscape.

Where we’ll go

The majority of my workshops are run in the Aviemore area of the Cairngorms National Park, my local area and home to some of the wildest and most renowned natural scenery anywhere in Scotland. During our time together we can explore beautiful lochs, rugged hills or the depths of the wild and beautiful Caledonian Forest. As a specialist in forest photography this is the habitat that most inspires me, and I can take you in a short while to secret parts of the woods where we’ll find a wild beauty that most people can’t even imagine. I can guarantee we will be the only people there, and provide you with the opportunity to explore and photograph landscapes that few people will ever experience.

What you’ll learn

I am happy to instruct in every aspect of landscape photography from the fundamental technical knowledge of how to use the camera, to advanced processing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. This does not necessarily mean we will spend the whole day discussing cameras. Great landscape photography comes from great passion for the landscape, so we can choose from a huge range of potential subjects, some of which you may not even have imagined have an impact on your photography. I can show you how to move silently through the woods, how to read a map and navigate by the stars, and how to open your senses to the full extent of what is around you. I can help you to see the landscape with your whole body and then commit all of that passion and soul into your images. This is no esoteric nonsense or academic debate on the merits of one camera vs another. This a commitment from me to throw my entire self into your learning and your experience, to equip you with practical skills and techniques that work. No two workshops are ever alike and I do not follow a set formula of content or locations. This is your day and we’ll shape it together.


8 hours of teaching, with flexible timing depending on our intentions for the day. We may choose to meet early for a dawn shoot, with breaks for breakfast and lunch, or start later and shoot until sunset and beyond. Half days are also possible.


£300 for full day tuition and guiding.

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