I’ve been writing about Nature my whole life.

When I was kid, I used to play at ‘work’ by copying out blocks of text about animals from an encyclopaedia of nature. I never lost the appetite to write, and as my experience began to deepen I loved writing about my encounters with nature. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Current Writing Projects:

The Caledonia Collective

The Caledonia Collective is a blog that seeks to bring together creative people who are passionate about the Scottish landscape. We tell stories about our common love of Scotland, collaborate on projects and build links between creators. I am a founding member and the current editor. On Caledonia Collective I share narratives about my adventures in our wild places.

Wood and Water

Wood and Water is the working title of my first book. This is a personal narrative about the experience of drawing closer to nature, linking together some of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in the natural settings of the Cairngorms National Park. It’s a book about simply being in the landscape, rather than doing things in it. The manuscript is complete and undergoing editing work as of early 2021.

Rising Shadow

Rising Shadow is a WIP poetry collection inspired by the details of nature – large and small. I aim to complete the writing work by mid 2021 and explore publishing options toward the end of the year.

Up and Down Days

Up and Down Days is an ongoing project telling the story of my experiences and long relationship with Scotland’s mountains, published weekly on the Caledonia Collective blog.

Sample Pieces